#UNRIG Mission, Vision, Concept

CONCEPT: Everyone without regard to race, color, creed or any other factor comes together on one core principle: Unrigging the System. #UNRIG is a big tent — ultimately we pray #UNRIG and #RESIST merge into #2ndAmRev.

MISSION: To restore integrity and truth to governance, with the informed will and wisdom of We the People at its heart

VISION:  To enjoy a transparent government by 2022, that operates with honesty, respecting our planet and the human spirit, so that we may create a healthy, prosperous America rooted in truth with peace as our shared condition

NEAR-TERM MECHANICS: An August event is a respectful meeting with the Member presenting the pledge and giving them 48 hours to sign it.  Then a press conference either way, and if the Member does NOT sign it, a candlelight vigil at his or her home each night for the balance of time that he is there, with a YouTube, Facebook post each day that he or she does not. Senators will be approached by multiple MeetUps acting in unison. Only constituents may participate in MeetUps and meetings with Members — Cynthia and Robert are strictly limited to educational encouragement of individual citizens.

LONG-TERM MECHANICS: Election Reform leads to evidence-based governance in which holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) are implemented via a national Open Source Agency (OSA), transforming our economy in favor of Main Street at one tenth the cost of the prevailing dysfunctional Western paradigm Of, By, and For the banks. The OSA also opens the way toward direct democracy founded on the collective intelligence of We the People but respecting the identity and rights of the individual sovereign states.

Key Document Constituents Can Present to Their Individual Member

Blog is PhibetaIota.net

PhiBetaIota.net will be the blog, since that already has over 15,000 subscribers and gets shared to tens of thousands more. Subscriptionis free. Starting Saturday, 22 July 2017, there will daily #UNRIG Log Entries with Photo as the first RV starts the national tour.  #UNRIG @ PhiBetaIota

PLEASE DONATE: http://paypal.me/EarthIntel or http://tinyurl.com/IndieGoGo-UNRIG. Every donor gets a Founding Citizen Certificate and donors have priority in determining the national tour schedule.