#UNRIG Phase II Mission, Vision, Concept – Election Reform to Achieve Independence from the Deep State and the Two-Party Tyranny that Enables the Deep State

UPDATE 20180528 — Honored to Speak to Rolling Thunder at Lincoln Memorial

Phase II of #UNRIG has begun. In part because Cynthia McKinney could not leave her job in Bangladesh, in part because of a major Deep State/Zionist-led attack on #UNRIG (six ways, ninety days), our funding collapsed and I was forced to sell the RV yesterday [December 2017] mostly to avoid $10K in looming insurances, storage, and property tax costs for which we have no funds. Now I am re-grouping, wishing Cynthia well in Bangladesh, while focusing on bringing all the small parties (especially Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform) together to demand election reform in the spring. I expect to win the lawsuit and that should provide ample funding for non-profit educational operations in 2018, augmented by such donations as you are all moved to make either directly to the non-profit, or via the wonderful IndieGoGo/Generosity campaign now renamed #UNRIG: 2018 Year of the Independent [channel close May 2018].  Donate directly via http://paypal.me/EarthIntel or Coinbase, email Robert for cybercoin specific account codes]. All donations to the non-profit educational corporation are tax deductible for those paying taxes in the USA.

What you can do in December 2017: Convene a transpartisan group of constituents, understand the twelve points in the Election Reform Possibilities Graphic, and demand that your Member sponsor a townhall meeting during the holidays focused exclusive on this graphic; demand that they sign the Integrity Pledge. If they fail to do so, start looking for a challenger to knock them out of office in 2018.

Here is what I learned in Phase I through three road-trips and over forty individual endeavors across various Congressional Districts: