Use Meet-Up for local engagement.  Our campaign is focused on educating constituents, not on engaging politicians directly. We welcome invitations to engage with any group via skype or a personal visit.

To propose a scheduled skype or visit, send email to

Other questions can be sent to — please bear in mind that we are swamped and we do not have paid staff, hence many emails will go unanswered and most attachments will never be read. We cannot engage with the hundreds of requests for us to adopt any issue position, intervene in any local case, or anything no focused on “meta.” Our hope, if sufficient money can be raised, is to create as a place where all citizens can begin to share information and engage in prototypical self-governance and active oversight of individual members of Congress.

The fastest way to be assured of a direct email from Robert David Steele is to donate via PayPal or IndieGoGo. Every donor without exception receives both an email from Robert and a Certificate as a Founding Citizen of the 2nd American Revolution.