UPDATE: We beat their ass, with your help.

$1,500 raised in two days, enough to commit to some upgrades, total cost over the year will be $5K.  We beat their ass, thank you.  Seeing a fascinating web of Deep State attack vehicles, all connected.

Kudos to DreamHost and CloudFlare and also NameCheap where we have implemented a DNS level block against denial of service attacks.

Still seeking donations, but we have taken our web sites to the next level of resilience, thank you.

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Ever since Cynthia McKinney and I posted the bumper stick below the fold, we have been under attack. I list the six ways in which we have been attacked below the fold.

1. MeetUp CEO cancelled 435 Pro MeetUps giving up $77,300 in revenue while waiving $195,000 in fees from 1,087 #RESIST MeetUps co-sponsored by the Zionist Anti-Defamation League;

2. a media hit job against me (“sex slave children on Mars”) was rapidly developed after my long interview with Alex Jones on pedophilia  (here are the excerpts they fear) ;

3. Jason Goodman began a sustained 90 day campaign of defamation aided by over 400 individually-identified  trolls (many of them no doubt bots that will be traced to specific real people) that cost us $200K in donation revenue (the federal lawsuit is advancing nicely);

4. #GoogleGestapo, led by Eric Schmidt (an Ashkenazi Jew), began demonetizing (“shadow banning”) videos featuring #UNRIG, Robert Steele, or Cynthia McKinney and recently deleted two videos, restoring one but in the second case threatening the entire life work of a couple who do very good work — YouTube, a Google surrogate, is digitally assassinating anyone whose views they do not support; and

5. now we have a massive denial of service attack that we are beating off as well as a suspension of a key MailChimp account.

6. Just in, the Zionist trolls have gamed Kaspersky.  We have given them 48 hours to correct the mistake or be added to the lawsuit.

Put most simply, we are at the forefront of a war between good and evil; between America First and Israel First; between the 1% Khazarian Mafia and their Zionist partners and the 99% on Main Street, the inner cities, and rural farms. We are strong advocates of truth and reconciliation, wishing no vindictive justice, only  the truth and a clear path forward.

I welcome these attacks as a sign that I have hit a nerve. I will persist.

Robert Steele

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