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The CEO of MeetUp personally banned #UNRIG, closing our account without due process or notice — #RESIST and its 1087 chapters were personally ordered created, free, by the same CEO,  to help the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its allies — a form of illegal, undeclared, in-kind donations to a partisan political network — MeetUp has lost its integrity. We may file a lawsuit but the blessing is that this has made us more aware of Facebook’s growing capabilities and its new focus on Communities. We have reached out to Facebook and are offering our 435 groups as a pilot project for Facebook to deploy both existing and new tools.

We bouight the first RV (used, $65K) If we can raise the money we are now thinking we should do two RVs (the new one for Cynthia is $85K) — this will double the visibility of our campaign as we strive to do 435 #UNRIG groups, one for each Congressional District. I was unsure of purchase when by God’s blessing Bob Oakley showed up, driving 6 hours from Georgia, to hand me $5,500 as a deposit. The IndieGoGo money will pay for the wrap ($5K), insurance ($2.5K), fuel and repair reserve, and then $20K down for a total of $25,500 down, the rest a secured loan. Do NOT give us another dime — your time and energy in attracting new donors is vastly more precious. May God Bless this endeavor; Cynthia joins me in thanking Bob for a completely unexpected gesture that carried the day. The wrap is being ordered, the bus will be on the road by 1 August — first stop the White House, second stop Congress, we will post those photos and seek your help in making the go viral. #UNRIG indeed. Mr. President, you said the system is rigged, why are you not leading #UNRIG yourself, personally, as your highest responsibility toward the restoration of Integrity to our government?