Integrity – A National Conversation

We call on all patriotic citizens to come together in civil conversation about how best to restore integrity to our government by connecting with the individual Members of Congress at the district level, to demand a town hall meeting about election reform, and then that their Member co-sponsor an Election Reform Act as soon as possible and certainly in time to restore integrity for the 2018 elections.  Below is a starting point for this conversation.

Each person who wishes to help convene a local power cell is invited to ensure one thing: diversity — someone from each of the active parties (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform as well as Democratic and Republic), and of course racial diversity. After such a group — we propose twelve people as a starting point — discussed the holistic approach to election reform illustrated above, we propose that each of the twelve or more members of the group independently ask their Member, on the same day, via email or in person, to sponsor a local town hall on election reform.

POWERPOINT: Election Reform 12 Points 3.6

NOTE: Many of our fans have said they like the Integrity Pledge. How constituents approach their Member is up to them.  Below are the original documents.

#UNRIG Integrity Pledge with Statement of Demand and Graphic

#UNRIG Compromiso de integridad